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Many people experience fear at the idea of having to stand in front of large audiences and talk. Some speakers can become debilitated by thoughts of what to say, how to keep the audience’s interest, and how to calm their nerves. Much of the anxiety associated with public speaking can be minimized through techniques to manage nerves and repetitive practice.

This ‘Become Better at Public Speaking’ Programme combines an online course and VR Conference Speaking Simulator.

Featuring a back-stage preparation area, conference stage and virtual audience, the VR simulator helps reduce anxiety and manage the stress of presenting in front of large groups of people by recreating the conditions of delivering a conference presentation. Throughout the simulation the presenter is scored on 4 key metrics volume, tone of voice, audience engagement (looking at the audience) and time taken, enabling them to reflect and improve upon their performance.

Techniques and practical exercises to minimise nerves, foster stage presence, use vocal dynamics to influence others and review and improve your performance are covered in the companion online learning course.

Technical Requirements

Learners will require the following:

  • A PC or tablet with internet connection
  • A Smart Phone with internet connection
  • A cardboard VR headset with a clicker and head strap
  • Headphones or speakers for the practice activities marked with this icon

Key Learning Objectives

Online Course

  • Outline the key things to consider when preparing your speech and                 create the structure and ideas for your speech using a 15-minute                     technique.
  • Practice using a range of techniques and exercises designed to reduce         nerves and strengthen your focus.
  • Demonstrate ways to convey confidence and authentic stage presence.
  • Use your voice to deliver a powerful and persuasive speech through practicing 5 key vocal dynamic exercises.
  • Describe how to use the VR Conference Speaking Simulator to deliver a          speech and recite 4 key questions to ask yourself when reviewing your           performance.

VR Conference Speaking Simulator

  • Overcome public speaking anxiety through exposure to an immersive            conference environment in VR
  • Practice engaging with your audience by distributing your attention                 evenly across the audience and maintaining great eye contact
  • Practice pacing your speech and manage your time whilst presenting
  • Improve speech recall through practice and repetition
  • Systematically use metrics to evaluate and improve on your                                performance
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