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Presentation Skills -Auditorium

  • Overcome public speaking anxiety through exposure to an immersive conference environment
  • Engage with your audience by distributing your attention evenly across the audience and maintaining great eye contact
  • Pace your speech and manage your time whilst presenting
  • Use metrics to evaluate and improve on your performance
  • Repeated and record your speech

Fire Safety

  • Describe the different fire classes.
  • Understand how a fire can occur, develop and spread.
  • Understand and remember what fire extinguishers to use, and on what fire classes.
  • Describe what a fire evacuation plan is.
  • Identify how compartmentalization supports fire safety..

Earth to Mars

  • Increase confidence to deal with unknown situations
  • Demonstrate strength to recover from failure
  • Refine one’s aptitude to communicate under pressure
  • Have the capacity to express empathy
  • Negotiate without previous preparation
  • Aware of one’s learning or metacognition training

Boardroom Skills

  • Practice in front of a small group
  • Review your speech and identify hesitations
  • Deal with disturbances
  • Pace your speech and manage your time whilst presenting
  • Improve speech recall through practice and repetition
  • Systematically use metrics to evaluate and improve on your performance

Night Star Lady-
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Research has shown that PMR has the following benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety and tension
  • Improved feelings of well-being and quality of life
  • Can help decrease feelings of tension, anxiety, and anger
  • May help reduce anxiety in people with COVID-19, suggesting benefits for coping with difficult situations
  • Because PMR induces relaxation, it may also help you get better sleep